Off to the Diaspora! Decentralized networks cannot be censored or switched off.

Again and again there are flight movements from the social networks operated by companies. A small part then really settles down and goes to another provider. Who again is just another company, which only wants to grow up, in order to submit mercilessly to the powerful in the end, for professional purposes. The rest of the herd grumbles, complains, cries out scandal, threatens to leave and still submits at the end. The reason is always the same. They’re all on Facebook (on Twitter, on [insert anything here] ).
The pressure of suffering is simply not high enough. Although many already have to realize that in the end there will be no staying for them with their “wrong” opinion, on these networks. I suspect that soon the thumbscrews will get a little tighter. So-called “antifeminist” is with some certainty already on the wish list of the new virtue guard Anita Sarkeesian in the Twitter “Trust and Safety Council ” for the deletion. This facility is a kind of new department for “Truth” ala Orwell1984 of the company. Facebook is also in the process of setting this up.

And then my time on these platforms is over. But I’m already somewhere else. Where it can’t be censored. A network that also consists of many, many individual places that don’t belong to an individual company. I went to the diaspora. There I don’t just have an account and post whatever I want. And if you don’t want to read it, don’t read it. That would also be possible on Twitter and Facebook, you can mute, you can block, you can simply ignore people whose opinion you don’t like, only there are lunatics who force these companies not to allow this content in the first place. Crazy people who find, not only they shouldn’t have to read, nobody should be allowed to read these “wrong” opinions.
This is called censorship. And it doesn’t matter whether they are commercial networks or not. Because it is not the platform that decides whether something has to be considered censored, but whether content is generally filtered out before it appears. And therefore if one day you also have to leave these fenced-in ideology enclosures because you are being expelled, diaspora will come along.

Find a server of your choice near you, or if you are IT-Fit, set up your own social server where you and your friend are safe from the “Social Justice Warriors” who want to silence you. Create an account and write the first postings there with the hashtag #newhere and #back2mars. We’ll find each other then.  And one day it’s Facebook, Twitter and the whole SJW madness story. But you can’t care about that, because the net citizens have freed themselves from the straitjacket of commercial and political interests.   Not AOL, not Microsoft and also not Twitter and Facebook can ever enslave us and take away our freedom to say what we think.
The Internet belongs to us all, to all people together. No one can stop us from connecting with those with whom we want to. No company and no state.  It is not a lawless space, but a censorship-free space. The place where freedom of opinion and genuine tolerance have their seat. In the net we have no gender, no origin and no skin colour. No fetters of our birth. Our real existence plays no role, only what we carry in our soul. There we are what we really are. First man.

Off to the diaspora, people.   #Back2Mars.  I am waiting for you

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