step by step to fascism

(Please take note, that English is not my mother tongue. so pardon me and my mistakes)

The steps which leads to fascism are always the same:

  1. think yourself as an group which is better than the other group,
  2. ignore that you are living together with members of this group in society.
  3. seperate the members of the groups from your group with attributes negative properties to the hole other group. give your group positive attributes instead.
  4. mock all critics on your birth based ideology as idiots or fools.
  5. find reason for hate-speach and publish this where ever you have the power.
  6. inflame the mass against this group. lie if you need. say “THEY have the power”. “THEY rule the world.” “THEY oppress all others”.
  7. construct a hidden, non visible power which is formed of all this members to slave and punish your group.,
  8. repeat all times, that your group are the victims of the other group,.
  9. enter representations of the people and make laws which give your group more power.
  10. defend all members of your group, which are violent in word or action against the other group. say: they provoked to this.
  11. aiming all members of the other group as enemy, but talk your group into believing that thats are only jokes.
  12. publish all what your members of group has in common and why it is better to live separated from that other group of evil perpetrators.
  13. make more laws to separate the groups.
  14. make laws to prosecute as crime any critic on your inhuman ideology.
  15. give part of the other groups their own habitats. give your group comfort and privileges.
  16. send all which still resists against your ideology to “re-education” camps,
  17. all members of the other group, which you not need for your society, to slave or bring to death them. but beware, that it is always a “good” reason for this.

Final: Now you have your clean enemy-free population. some members of the other group are left in society, but are only them you really need. if they are useless, they could be jailed or at the end killed without consternation.

NOTE: The reason why I write this in English is that if you read this in an foreign language you could not block the analogy in your mind before you have recognized it.  And this similarity between today and 90 years ago is very frightening.
We all should stand up and end this process that will lead to fascism if we do nothing against this.


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