Do a world wide dominiation system of men rule the world?

Correction. The exactly used term by the ministrants is not only men. It is “White heterosexual man“.   This is the group that is the enemy of the rest of the world.  And if you believe in the concept of “Patriarchy” you have to say “YES”.  If you look on reality the answer is “Are you crazy“?
To speak about “World wide domination system  of WHmen” is not other than the speaking of a “World wide domination system of Jews” 90 years ago,  It is bullshit.  But wait — is there not the evidence that the key positions are held from men?  Yes.  Some.  More or less.  Only a small layer is on the top.  But this is evidence for nothing and a dangerous thinking.  90% of all homeless people  are men.  This is also a fact.  To say the “White heterosexual men” rules the world is believing and ugly.

90 years ago the world in old Europe was other.  No holocaust has killed human because they  have other ancestry.  No murder organisation has worked on a genozid of them.
They all was our brothers and sisters. Part of our community.  And for a variety of reason a lot of people with this roots are have success in the business since centuries.  So at this time a small layer of them are top in Europe and the world.  “Rich as Rothschilds” was a common sentence.  But at the same time Jews are the poorest too, And as today the evidence that some of the men are on the top at this time the evidence that some of Jews are  on the top was the start of a movement of hate against them ALL!

So – the concept of a “Patriarchy” of a “World wide domination system of WHmen” is not only false, it is fascist.  A human-despising idea.



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